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RC6-VSR Header


An upgrade of our best-selling charger, this new release holds all of the same features that make the RC6-VSP one of our customers' all-time favourite products, but also has the added advantage of having an internal resistance checker feature and the ability to charge the new chemistry LiHV batteries.

The RC6-VSR has charging, discharging, balancing, storage and fast charge facilities, making this 80W, 7A output AC/DC charger one of our most efficient chargers in our collection.


This charger features:
High-power and high-performance (max output - 80W, max charge - 7A, max discharge - 1A)
Microprocessor controlled
An internal Lithium battery balancing function
Individual cell monitoring
Cyclic charging/discharging for NiMH and NiCd packs
Delta-peak sensitivity
An internal resistance checkerRC6_VSR_Contents
Maximum safety (capacity limit, charge time limit, temperature limit, input current check, and an automatic cooling fan)

Included with this charger:
Universal receiver/transmitter charge lead
JST BEC charge lead
Glow plug driver charge adapter
Deans plug charge lead
Universal crocodile connectors

Please note that this set does not contain an external battery temperature sensor. This can be purchased as an optional extra here.

VSP Info-01


220_1S_45C V2

New to Overlander!


Chemistry: LiPo
Capacity: 220mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Cells: 1S
Discharge Rate: 45C
Burst Discharge: 90C
Watt Hours: 0.8Wh
Dimensions: 50x12x7mm
Weight: 5.3g


FPV Header


Our Extreme Pro Racing FPV LiPo packs have been specially constructed for use within racing drones. Due to their high discharge rates and compact size, these packs provide you with great performance for your multi-rotor air-frames and other RC devices.

With discharge rates ranging from 55C (90C bursts) to 80C (150C bursts), these packs are the perfect match for pilots who wish to gain higher speeds and maximum power.


All of our Extreme Pro Racing FPV packs are supplied ready-to-fly with your choice of pre-soldered connector (XT60 or Deans) and a JST-XH balance lead, making them ready for immediate use as well as being compatible with the majority of Overlander chargers without the need for modification. All of our pack cells are matched for internal resistance, voltage and weight in order to ensure longevity and reliability.

Pack Dimensions (mm) Weight (g) Connector RRP
850mAh 70C 11.1V 3S (3169) 69x33x21 86 XT60 £16.99
850mAh 70C 14.8V 4S (3170) 69x33x27 110 XT60 £21.99
1000mAh 70C 11.1V 3S (3172) 71x37x20 105 XT60 £11.23
1000mAh 70C 14.8V 4S (3171) 71x37x26 134 XT60 £22.99
1300mAh 70C 14.8V 4S (3070) 68x35x33 154 Deans £23.99
1300mAh 70C 14.8V 4S (3071) 68x35x33 154 XT60 £23.99
1300mAh 55C 15.2V 4S (3069) 68x35x24 138 XT60 £27.99
1600mAh 70C 14.8V 4S (3072) 89x35x33 182 Deans £27.99
1600mAh 70C 14.8V 4S (3073) (Long) 89x35x33 182 XT60 £27.99
1600mAh 70C 14.8V 4S (3197) (Short) 70x35x36 181 XT60 £27.99
1800mAh 80C 14.8V 4S (3075) 96x31x34 215 XT60 £32.99

FPV packs

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