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  • Rechargeable battery Experts
  • Fully compliant with WEEECARE and Batteryback recycling responsibilities.
  • Committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and endeavour to prevent pollution and minimise the use of natural resources.
  • Employees are trained and motivated to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Committed to include environmental considerations at the core of all business strategies and initiatives.
  • Industrial Assembly.
  • We construct packs from primary, NiMh rechargeable and Lithium Polymer cells at our UK factory.
  • Our highly trained operatives always conform to our stringent best practices and the manufacturer’s assembly recommendations.
  • We can tailor our services to each customer’s own design and specifications.
  • All third parties in our supply chain are inspected thoroughly.
  • Manufacturing.
  • This takes place in either our UK factory or to strict UK Overlander requirements and specifications.
  • We take pride in visiting any overseas suppliers and partners on a regular basis which enables us to be confident that all good produced for us match the quality of our “home-grown” products.
  • We are also keen to ensure that there are good working conditions and living standard for these distant workers.
  • Factory recently upgraded to promote lean manufacturing processes. Ultrasonic and capacitor discharge welding capabilities in place.

Why Overlander

Overlander’s fine reputation began in 1975 when we started making packs for the electric radio cars. From these humble beginnings our business has grown into one of the UK’s market leading battery assembly companies out of our in-house battery pack assembly factory in Lancashire, UK. We now supply to areas such as NHS trusts, industry, aerospace, motorsport and university research departments. Battery technology and the range of cells and packs is constantly evolving but our commitment to the needs of our customers remains constant.

Overlander is accredited as an ISO9001:2008 company. As part of this commitment we are always seeking ways and means to continuously imrpove our operations and procedures.

Overlander: bringing manufacturing back to the UK

As part of our culture of constant improvement we have invested in state of the art welding machinery at our redesigned UK factory. We only look to source high quality components for our production processes to ensure the best quality product for you that we can provide.