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  Disulphide Battery

  (Li / FeS2)


 Chemistry System :

 Li / FeS2

 • Negative Plate : Metal Lithium

 • Positive Plate : Iron Disulphide

 • Non-Rechargable Battery

 Cell Structure : 


Li-FeS2 Battery List and Electrical Characteristics

Designations Nominal Voltage (V) Nominal Capacity (mAh) Standard Discharge (mAh) Max Discharge Current (mA) Dimensions Max (mm) Weight (g)
Model No. Equivalent Continuous Pulse Diameter x Height
FR03 AAA 1.5 1100 20 600 1000 10.5 X 44.5 7.5
FR6 AA 1.5 2900 45 1500 200 14.5 X 50.5 16.5



- Compatibility to replace all primary 1.5V (mainly alkaline) and rechargeable 1.2V batteries.

- High energy density and service life up to 5-8 times of alkaline battery in digital devices.

- Wide operating temperatures: -40°C to 60°C

- Stable voltage plateau and shelf life of up to 10 years. (Operating voltage: 1.5V-0.8V)

- High drain currents up to 2A.

- Safe (with PTC protection).

- Light weight, (approximately 70% of weight of conventional alkaline battery)

- 0% content of Mercury, Cadmium or Lead.


Comparison vs Alkaline

Service life: (Lithium FR6 vs alkaline LR6 at room temperature)



 FR6 Discharge at 1mA under 21°C  FR6 Performance at 1-2A-50-100mA under RT  FR03 Performance at 20-45-100-350mA under RT


Discharge Curves at 1A, 17mA, 350mA



 FR6 Discharge at 17mA vs LR6 at RT  FR6 Discharge at 350mA vs LR6 at RT  FR6 Discharge at 1A vs LR6 at RT


Performance characteristics under temperatures : (-20°C, 23°C and 60°C)

 FR6 Performance at 100mAh under HT-LT-RT  FR6 Performance at 200mA under -20°c & +60°c  FR03 Performance at 100mAh under HT-LT-RT



Can be used in countless electronic gadgets, especially high-end devices such as cameras, which will require the longest lasting AA and AAA batteries. Lithium-Iron Disulfide technology maximises the performance of your appliances and keeps it going longer.