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LiPo Battery Construction


Our LiPo battery assembly line is now well under way, and we now have the capacity to assemble packs for our UK customers. Our precise selection system by IR (Internal resistance), Voltage and weight will give our customers expertly matched products. This work is carried out by trained operatives who conform to our stringent best practices and procedures. Overlander battery packs have always been of a very high quality at a reasonable price. The best has just become even better. From April 2014 Overlander will also recieve its new 9000mAh capacity cells, and will be able to assemble a bespoke range of larger packs from these.

This has been and will continue to be an amazing new project of bringing back work to the UK normally carried out in China or the Far East. By doing this we continue to grow our in-house knowledge which in turn helps us to continuously improve our product. We at Overlander are very excited to share this with you.

All Overlander LiPo battery lines are manufactured using the “STACKING” method, unlike many of the cheaper Chinese imports which are manufactured using the “WINDING” construction, a much cheaper construction method, with very limited discharge rates (15C - 20C) but often quoted as 30-35C. Stacking construction is known for its longevity, and gives stronger more reliable voltage.

All Overlander pack cells are fully matched 3 ways before assembly;

by; 1- Internal resistance, 2- Voltage, 3-Weight.

Overlander LiPo battery packs include the SuperSport range -30C (50C bursts), the UltraSport range - 45C (80C bursts) and the Extreme range - 60C (90C bursts). Regarding capacity all the ranges have a wide variety of mAh ratings to suit every flyer from simple gliding, to 3D and Pylon racing!

All Overlander LiPo power packs are fitted with high quality silicone leads, JST-XH balance plug for keeping your batteries healthy and charged correctly, and select packs are now fitted with Deans, EC3 or XT60 type plugs for instant use with popular wiring setups and models.