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NiMh Battery Construction


Overlander bespoke NiMh battery packs are designed and constructed in the UK by Overlander’s trained operatives. We have gained a fantastic reputation over many years in the RC and hobby industry for our superior quality, high power and wide range of applications; including domestic appliances, industrial equipment, plant equipment including drills and portable power tools, among many others.

All Overlander NiMh battery packs feature;

  • Soft Silicone leads
  • Pure Nickel tabs
  • Double or treble tagging for high power applications
  • Capacitor discharge welding
  • Heat shrinking and wrapping of various colours
  • A wide range of shapes and battery sizes, voltages and capacities to suit any application
  • Scaled schematics available for any design or battery

For more information, please contact us via and our customer services team will advice on any specifications you require. You can also download our NiMH Configuration sheet by Clicking Here.