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2822/27 1200KV Tornado Thumper V3 - Brushless Outrunner RC Motor

5065/08 320 KV Tornado Thumper V3 - Brushless Outrunner RC Motor

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KV (rpm/V) 320
Power 1600W
Recommended ESC 80A
LiPo Voltage Range 3 - 8S
Shaft Diameter (mm) 6
Dimensions (mm) 50 x 65
Weight (g) 382

The 5065/08 320KV motor is part of Overlander's Tornado Thumper V3 range. These motors are manufactured to Overlander’s demanding standards, using the finest quality components and state of the art CNC machine tools. A total performance package when used in conjunction with our XP2 ESCs!

Light WeightHigh Heat DissipationReliable Power

What do the specs mean?

Constant Velocity The constant velocity of a motor measures the amount of times an unloaded motor rotates per minute (rpm) when 1v is applied. For example; a 1300KV motor powered by an 11.1V 3S LiPo battery would spin at 14,430 rpm (1300 x 11.1). The KV rating helps determine which motors are suitable for different types of aircraft. FPV racing drones require high rpm for greater speed, but heavy multi-rotor models would be better suited to motors with a low KV rating.
Power The Watt rating of a motor is the measure of power being delivered. We recommend 100 - 150 watts of motor for every 1lb that the plane weighs. This is dependent on the type of flying that wants to be achieved. Aerobatic 3D-type flying would require more the 150W per 1lb, whereas chilled-out type flying would be more suited towards the 100W per 1lb end of the scale.
 ESC All of our Tornado Thumper motors have been designed to work in conjunction with our own XP2 range of speed controllers.
 Cell Count The recommended cell count of a motor is the minimum to maximum amount of cells within a battery pack required to power the motor.
 Prop Size The recommended propeller size on the motors is dependent on the voltage of the battery that you are using in your set up. If you decide to run your motor with a higher voltage battery then you will need to alter the propeller size to avoid overloading. The rpm increases as more volts are applied therefore requiring a smaller sized prop. Always use a watt meter to determine the correct diameter and pitch of the prop for your exact set up.


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SKU 857
Barcode 5060386118589
KV (rpm/V) 320
Power 1600W
Idle Current 1.9A
Maximum Amp Draw 73A
Motor Type Outrunner
Recommended ESC 80A
LiPo Voltage Range 3 - 8S
NiMH Voltage Range 10 - 22S
Minimum Propeller Size 16 x 8 (with 8S LiPo)
Maximum Propeller Size 19 x 10 (with 3S LiPo)
Shaft Diameter (mm) 6
Motor Poles 14
Connector 4mm Gold
Diameter (mm) 50
Length (mm) 65
KV (rpm/V) 320
Weight (g) 382
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