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2/3 AF 1600mAh 9.6V Config 24 Premium Sport NiMH Battery

2/3 AF 1600mAh 9.6V Config 24 Premium Sport NiMH Battery

SubC 5000mAh 9.6V Config 24 Premium Sport NiMH Battery

SubC 5000mAh 9.6V Config 24 Premium Sport NiMH Battery

SubC 3800mAh 9.6V Config 24 Premium Sport NiMH Battery


This battery is ready fitted with a Tamiya connector.

Cell Size SubC
Capacity 3800mAh
Voltage 9.6V (8S)
Dimensions (mm) 177 X 46 X 23
Weight (g) 498

Overlander Tornado

The Tornado SubC 3800mAh 9.6V config 24 NiMH battery is part of Overlander's Premium Sport range. The super high drain Tornado cells are ideal for your extreme power applications. These cells are our largest capacity NiMH cells; they are built for supreme performance and provide the power and durability needed for all applications.

High Capacity  Great Power  Supreme Performance  High Drain

NiMH batteries provide the perfect starting point for beginners or users who are unsure of lithium. NiMH packs provide huge power and durability for high drain applications. They are most commonly used in receivers and transmitters and give exceptional results and running times. The NiMH chemistry is improving by the day; they are effortlessly maintained with easy management and care. These key features make these rechargeable batteries an extremely popular choice.

NiMH cellsRecycleableRechargeableReuseable

All our NiMH packs are manufactured using pure nickel tabs that are either double or treble tagged. The gold pins within the plugs make for perfect contact with the application which, when working in conjunction with the multi-strand silicone leads, are able to carry high currents. This ensures no power is lost through the interaction, so your packs provide full power throughout use.

Pure Nickel Tabs          Capacitor Discharge Welding          Kapton, Nomex or TMK Insulating Tapes          Soft Silicone Multi-Strand Wire          Plugs with Gold Plated Pins

Overlander's UK-based factory facilitates ultrasonic and capacitor resistance welding machinery. Having advanced equipment ensures that all of our highly trained operatives create the most efficient and precise NiMH battery packs to suit all of your applications.

Lowest Voltage: 0.8VNominal Voltage: 1.2VFull Voltage: 1.5V


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SKU 1485
Barcode 5060386113584
Chemistry Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Cell Size SubC
Capacity (mAh) 3800
Voltage 9.6V
Cell Count 8S
Configuration 24
Wire Gauge 14AWG
Connector Tamiya
Brand Overlander Batteries
Range Premium Sport
Length (mm) 177
Width (mm) 46
Depth (mm) 23
Weight (g) 498
3800mAh SubC Cell Data Sheet (247KB)   DOWNLOAD
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